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Going Further Together
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Faith Life Church

Faith Life Church is a diverse, contemporary Christian church whose mission is to share the Good News of the Gospel and the principles of the Kingdom of God.

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God has been faithful, and we celebrate all He has done and all we’ve accomplished together.

Now, we believe it’s time for our Faith Life Church family to go to the next level—to rally around a fresh, bold vision, experience even more personal spiritual growth, and work together to have an even greater and lasting impact on our community and 
future generations.

Going Further Together

Together, we can build a greater place that will allow us to expand our reach into the cities that surround us, into our nation, and into this hurting and broken world.

Join The Journey

Over 20 years ago, Pastors Gary and Drenda created Faith Life Church with the goal of creating a close-knit gathering of people who wanted something more from life

Focused On The Journey Ahead

A journey always begins with saying “yes”—yes to those first 
steps and yes to knowing that you’ll grow and be changed along the way.
Sometimes we don’t even have the full picture of what we’re saying “yes” to. But, by faith, we jump out of the boat and into the waves anyway, trusting God to take us further than we can possibly imagine on our own. Because it’s where faith meets action that the impossible becomes possible. 
At Faith Life Church, we’ve seen and experienced the impact of saying yes to God and jumping out into the deep. We know that when we say yes to His vision and plan, He can do incredible things through us. So, we’re beyond excited to take the first steps, together with you, on this new journey that we believe will greatly impact the communities around us and the generations to come.
Taste and see that God is good in this new exciting season!

Pastors Tim and Alecia Keesee

We’re thrilled to embark on the vision God has given our senior pastors, and incredibly honored to lead our Faith Life Church family on The Journey. We’ve seen tremendous things in the more than 14 years we’ve served in full-time ministry, but we’ve never been more excited about an opportunity than we are right now!
As a church, we’ve seen couples throw away divorce papers, addicts set free from drugs and alcohol, suicidal people given fresh hope, deaf people hear, poor and impoverished people lifted from despair to places of dignity and abundance, and even dead people raised.
Together, we’ve seen history changed through the stories of just one. And it’s only just the beginning. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Pastors Jason and Amy Freudiger

Our journey began at a harvest party and prayer service where Ron’s back was supernaturally healed. Now, two decades later, we have traveled many paths supporting the vision God gave to Pastors Gary and Drenda. We now have the opportunity for the church family to leave a legacy for the next generation, “The Journey” – going further together. 
Let’s leave an inheritance to our children’s children. Proverbs 13:22

Pastors Ron & Cindy Farber

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We are a family-oriented, Christian support ministry for home educators. Activities include field trips, gym time, meetings for parents, service projects, and an annual graduation ceremony.

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Faith Life Church is a diverse, contemporary Christian church whose mission is to share the Good News of the Gospel and the principles of the Kingdom of God.

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Leading a small group isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a place to connect.

Touching Lives

Faith Life Church Outreach is made up of Outreach Small Groups and individuals who are using their gifts and talents to glorify God by serving others. 

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